If you have any queries please contact the Tournament Office at draw@mailgolf.co.uk, or call 0207 384 3757

Rules & Timetable

Daily Mail Foursomes Rules & Conditions

The Tournament Referee can be contacted at Daily Mail Amateur Foursomes Golf Tournament, P.O. Box 485, Fleet GU51 9FF.

This competition conforms to the R&A rules of Amateur Status.

Winter Conditions: the referee has published some acceptable winter conditions in our FAQs.

2024 Rounds Timetable

ROUND MEN / WOMEN Contact by deadline Play by deadline
1 Both Monday, 12 February Sunday, 17 March
2 Both Friday, 22 March Sunday, 28 April
3 Both Friday, 03 May Monday, 27 May
4 Both Friday, 31 May Sunday, 23 June
5 Both Friday, 28 June Sunday, 21 July
6 Both Friday, 26 July Sunday, 18 August
7 Both Friday, 23 August Sunday, 15 September


  • ‘Contact by’ deadline: the home team must make contact with the away team and offer dates on or before the contact by deadline. After this date, whichever team makes initial contact may claim home advantage.
  • ‘Play by’ deadline: the match must be played on or before the play by deadline. No match extensions will be granted.
  • Player substitutions: after players have played and won in the competition no substitutions can be made.
  • Age restriction: all players must be 18 or over on 1st January 2024 in order to be eligible for the competition.