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Guide to Foursomes Handicaps


The method for calculating the number of shots in a match detailed below should be used at all times in the 2024 Daily Mail Foursomes Competition.

Q. Is the way shots are calculated in Foursomes changing?

A. Yes, as of April 1st 2024 in Foursomes it will be 50% of the difference between each pairs Combined Course Handicap rounded up or down where applicable.

Q. I note that there are Handicap Index (HI) limits in the Daily Mail Foursomes but how are these applied in matches?

A. In the Daily Mail Foursomes there are maximum HI of 18.0 for men and 30.0 for women. Players with higher HI must apply these maximums as a basis for calculating the Course Handicaps (CH) they use in their match. For example: In a women's match player A has HI of 37.6 and player B HI of 28.3. In this case player A must use 30.0 as her HI to then calculate her CH and player B would use her HI of 28.3 to calculate her CH. If this means that either (or both) players are entitled to CH of over 30 this is acceptable as the limit only applies to Handicap Indexes not Course Handicaps. The same rules apply for men's matches except the Handicap Index limit is 18.0

Q. In some of our club competitions we only receive 90% or 95% of our Course Handicap does this apply in our match?

A. No the 90% or 95% rule does not apply in foursomes match play.