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Guide to Foursomes Handicaps


The method for calculating the number of shots in a match detailed below should be used at all times in the 2022 Daily Mail Foursomes Competition.


Q. How should WHS be applied in Daily Mail Foursomes matches

A. Prior to commencing their match each player should state their Handicap Index and all players should then apply any slope rating adjustments based on the course and tees being played. Once the adjusted Course Handicaps (CH) have been agreed then half the difference between competing pairs combined course handicaps should be used as the basis for play, half a stroke or more counting as one stroke. The MAXIMUM number of shots, in this competition a pair can claim with this calculation is 18 for men and 30 for women.

For example in a women's match if players A&B have CH of 39 & 34 and their opponents C&D have CH of 7 & 11 the difference between the combined CH of both pairs is 55 and therefore A&B receive 28 strokes in the match (27.5 rounded to 28).

Should A&B win this match and in the next round (following a separate slope rating adjustment) their CH becomes 40 & 35 and this time their opponents have CH of 3 & 5 the combined difference between the pairs would be 67 with half the difference being (33.5 rounded to 34) in which case the maximum stroke allowance would come into play and A&B would only receive 30 strokes in this match.

Exactly the same method should be used in matches in the men's competition with the only difference being the maximum number of strokes that can be claimed after the calculations is 18.

Q. In some of our club competitions we only receive 90% or 95% of our Course Handicap does this apply in our match?

A. No the 90% or 95% rule does not apply in foursomes match play.