If you have any queries please contact the Tournament Office at draw@mailgolf.co.uk, or call 0207 384 3757

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The Daily Mail Foursomes has been enjoyed by millions of amateur golfers since it started in the 1960s. With over 110,000 players involved in their club qualifying competitions each year, and over 3,000 teams being included in the first round draws, the Daily Mail Foursomes really is one of the greatest amateur tournaments in the world.

To enter your club we only need the name of the club and a contact person with their phone and email details. It is helpful when organising matches if this person is one of your players.

This contact can be changed at any time by emailing information to draw@mailgolf.co.uk or by calling Mailgolf on 0207 3843757.

We do not record the names of your nominated players until they have played and won their first match after which no substitutions can be made.

Entries must be received by 4th February 2024.

Full Rules & Conditions are available here


Entry is open to members of golf clubs in England, Wales and Scotland. Each club can enter one pair in each of the men’s and women’s competitions. Clubs are invited to organise their own qualifying competition to determine a pair to represent them or nominate a pair
to put forward.

HANDICAPS: In the Daily Mail Foursomes there are maximum Handicap Indexes of 18.0 for men and 30.0 for women. Players with  higher Handicap Indexes may take part but can only use a maximum of 18.0 for men and 30.0 for women as a basis for calculating their Course Handicaps to be used in matches. Each player should then calculate their Course Handicap (CH) by applying any slope rating adjustments based on the course and tees being played. Once the Course Handicaps (CH) have been agreed, then each pair should calculate 50% of their combined Course Handicaps, rounding up where applicable. The difference between the competing pairs’ combined handicaps should then be used as the basis of play.

Regional rounds: early rounds will be drawn on a regional home and away basis. The Tournament Office will provide clubs with opponents’ contact details and it will then be down to the clubs to make their own match arrangements, within the given play by dates. A computerised draw takes place in the early rounds, based on travel distance between clubs and as such, some early round matches may take place cross-county.

Finals - the final four rounds of the competition will be played at the Finals event from 6th - 8th October 2024.

There is no entry fee. Home teams must extend courtesy of the course to visiting teams for matches.

Juniors: players who are under 18 on 1st January 2024 will not be eligible to play.


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