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Trish still an inspiration in defeat

Trish and Pat from Killiow
Daily Mail
21 Apr 2009

PEOPLE can go to the most extraordinary lengths to play in the Daily Mail Foursomes. Trish Garland lost the lower half of her right leg to cancer 22 years ago. But that did not stop her taking up golf in her retirement - and even breaking a toe on her left foot wasn’t going to stop her representing the Cornish club of Killiow in the first round of the foursomes.

Trish said: ‘I caught my foot in a rug and fell. I broke my toe and twisted my knee, too. But I try not to let these things bother me. I just get on with it.’

Trish and playing partner Pat Crowson merely asked for a week’s delay and a buggy for their match at Falmouth… and in the end Trish did not even use the buggy. She said: ‘I had the toe heavily dressed but it was all right. It was my choice not to use the buggy. My toe was healing and Pat could not have ridden on it anyway. The biggest problem was that I was not able to play for five weeks beforehand.’

Not surprisingly, the home team’s Jane Brown and Letitia Rivett-Old ran out comfortable 5&4 winners, but Trish refused to blame her injuries for the defeat. She said: ‘We just did not play as well as we normally do.’

Incredibly, it was the second successive year that Trish, who describes herself as well over 65, and Pat, who says she is retired but ‘definitely not 60’, had qualified to represent Killiow… and gone out in the first round, although last year they took their opponents to the 19th hole.

But Trish is an inspiration to all of us. She said: ‘I was crippled for so many years that I was just pleased to get my life back in order. I suffered for many years with my leg. They said it was a rare form of cancer and they decided to amputate it. I am just very, very grateful that, if I was going to get something awful like that, it was in a limb, which could be chopped off. Otherwise, the doctor said I would have had 12 months. ‘I have had breast cancer and skin cancer and I am fine. I get embarrassed when people make a fuss.’

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