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The Gallery

The Gallery currently contains a selection of photographs from the tournament over the past few years.  You are invited to browse through them or use the search facilities below if you are looking for a specific club.

If you take any photographs during your early round matches please send them in to [email protected] and they may appear on the website soon.

If you don't have any specific search requirements please just press 'Search' to see the full gallery.

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Stoneleigh Deer Park, 2009

Thorndon Park, 2009

Royal Winchester, 2009

Parkstone, 2009

Bonday, 2009

Whitburn, 2009

Thorndon Park, 2009

Stoneleigh Deer Park, 2009

Stoneleigh Deer Park, 2009

Contact the Tournament Office at [email protected] or 020 7384 3757

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