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2017 Draw - Daily Mail Foursomes

The draws for the women's and men's 2017 Daily Mail Foursomes competitions take place from February through to October.  All registered team contacts are informed of their opponents contact details and the play by dates by email, if a current email has been supplied, or by post if not.

If you have any queries please contact the Tournament Office at draw@mailgolf.co.uk

Below are all current competitions that are currently active.
Competition name Current round contact By Deadline Play By Deadline
Daily Mail Foursomes 2016 - Men 11 18/10/2016 19/10/2016
Daily Mail Foursomes 2016 - Women 11 18/10/2016 19/10/2016

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Contact the Tournament Office at draw@mailgolf.co.uk or 020 7384 3757

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